Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner Price In Pakistan

Last Updated on: 11th May 2023, 02:56 pm

Vacuum cleaners are essential household appliances that remove dust, dirt, and harmful allergens from your home due to their powerful suction performance. They are also convenient to use and make your cleaning job effortless. This blog post will guide you through 4 of the Best Dawlance Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan together with their price and specifications.

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4 Best Dawlance Vacuum Cleaners and their Price in Pakistan

Dawlance vacuum cleaners are a great value for money as they provide excellent cleaning performance owing to their high suction power. Dawlance vacuum machines offer incredible features such as a large working radius, variable power control, quiet operation, and an efficient HEPA12 filter. These vacuum cleaners ensure a clean and healthy environment in your home.

You can buy Dawlance vacuum cleaners in Pakistan from their official website or from one of these trusted online websites:

  1. Daraz.pk
  2. Shopsy.pk
  3. Haqelectronics.com
  4. Ezziel.com

Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 7500

4 Best Dawlance Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan

Key Features of this Product

  • 1600 watts motor
  • Incredible blow function
  • 5 m power cord
  • Rubber coated wheels for easy handling
  • Dust Full Indicator
  • Large 15-Liter Dustbin Capacity
  • Wet and dry suction
  • Fiberglass body (to protect the user from electrocution when using the wet function)

Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 7500 provides powerful suction with a 1600W motor for efficient cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has a large dust collector capacity of 15-Liter. A large dustbin capacity is useful when cleaning large spaces and areas such as your living room without having to empty the dustbin repeatedly.

DWVC 7500 has a long 5 m power cord which helps extend the machine while cleaning large areas. This vacuum cleaner has rubber-coated wheels which allow easy handling and maneuvering of the machine during the cleaning session.

Apart from its powerful suction, DWVC 7500 also has an amazing blower function which helps remove dust and debris effectively. This vacuum cleaner also features a dust full indicator which notifies the user to empty the dustbin when it gets full.

DWVC 7500 is a wet and dry function vacuum cleaner which means it not only cleans dry dust and debris but is also perfect for cleaning wet spills. This vacuum cleaner has a high-quality fiberglass body that is designed to protect the user from electrocution while cleaning wet and damp debris.


  • High suction power
  • Fiberglass body
  • Large dustbin capacity


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

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Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 6724

4 Best Dawlance Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan

Key Features of this Product

  • 2400 watts motor
  • 8-meter operation radius
  • Variable power control
  • 4-Liter dustbin capacity
  • Dust full indicator
  • Soft touch handle
  • H12 HEPA filtration outlet
  • Small tools storage on board
  • Rubber-coated wheels
  • Metal telescopic tube
  • 400W suction power
  • 4 small wheels for 360° movement

Dawlance DWVC 6724 vacuum cleaner has a motor of 2400 watts of power. It has a 4-Liter large dustbin capacity and a dust full indicator. This indicator alerts the user to dispose of the debris from the dustbin when it gets full.

DWVC 6724 has the ability to efficiently remove dirt and debris from your home due to its high suction power. The variable power control on this device helps the user adjust the suction power according to the cleaning requirements. DWVC 6724 gives you the freedom of an 8-meter operating radius. This allows the user to easily clean larger rooms without having to switch power points repeatedly.

Other features of this vacuum cleaner include a metallic telescopic tube and a soft touch handle. This machine is equipped with 4 small rubber-coated wheels for easy handling and 360° movement. It works at low noise levels and is easy and convenient to use.

DWVC 6724 also features H12 HEPA filtration which captures and eliminates 99.9% of indoor air pollutants. It prevents the dust particles from spreading back into the atmosphere thereby increasing indoor air quality.


  • HEPA filter
  • Large operating radius
  • Power control feature


  • High consumption of power

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Dawlance DWVC 770

4 Best Dawlance Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan

Key Features of this Product

  • 1.8-Liter dust collector capacity
  • 5-meter power cord
  • Metal telescopic tube
  • Energy saving
  • 7-meter operating radius
  • Soft touch handle
  • HEPA12 air outlet
  • Rubber-coated wheels
  • Dust full indicator
  • Quiet operation

Dawlance DWVC 770 delivers powerful suction and has the ability to efficiently clean dust and dirt from various floor types. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 1.8-Liter dust capacity. This is a smaller dust capacity cleaner as compared to the other models like the Haier Vacuum cleaners which makes it less heavy and bulky.

DWVC 770 has a 5-meter power cable length and a 7-meter large operating radius. This allows the user to clean large rooms and spaces without the hassle of switching plugs frequently. This machine also features a full dust indicator which automatically alerts the user when the dust container becomes full.

DWVC 770 is easy to handle and maneuver due to its compact design and rubber-coated wheels. It also has a soft touch handle which makes it convenient to use. This vacuum cleaner is energy-efficient and is equipped with a metal telescopic tube that allows you to easily do your cleaning job.

One of the amazing features of DWVC 770 vacuum cleaner is the HEPA12 air filter which helps capture 99.9% of air contaminants such as dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens providing purified and healthy air in your home.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • HEPA12 filter
  • Affordable


  • Small dustbin capacity


All three vacuum cleaners of Dawlance are ideal for your home in terms of their quality and cleaning performance. If your budget allows then go for either DWVC 7500 or DWVC 6724 vacuum cleaners as they provide powerful suction, large dust collector capacity, and variable power control. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option then you should choose DWVC 770 vacuum cleaner as it is affordable and offers various incredible features.


Which is the best vacuum cleaner for wet and dry?

Dawlance DWVC 7500 is the best vacuum cleaner for wet and dry suction that helps clean dry dust and dirt as well as liquid spills and debris

Is wet and dry vacuum cleaner good?

Yes, wet and dry vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning curtains, floors, and carpets. They are versatile in function and remove not only dry dust but also clean wet and damp debris. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners use separate devices instead of bags to segregate dry dirt and liquid spills.

Can a vacuum cleaner be used on a wet floor?

If you use a regular vacuum cleaner, you should not use it to clean wet floors as it is not designed to take in water. Cleaning wet surfaces with your standard vacuum cleaner increases the chance of being electrocuted and it can also cause damage to your vacuum machine.

Can a vacuum cleaner clean sofa?

Yes, a vacuum cleaner can efficiently clean dirt and dust from sofas. Before vacuuming a sofa, remove larger pieces of debris from the surface because large things can get stuck in your vacuum cleaner. Next, vacuum all the surfaces of your sofa and cushions. You can use an upholstery attachment or a dusting tool on your vacuum cleaner to deep clean hard-to-reach corners.

Is it better to mop or vacuum?

It depends on what type of floor or surface you want to clean. Vacuuming is best for cleaning dust and dirt from carpets whereas mopping would be ideal to clean hard surfaces and floors such as tiles.

Vacuum cleaning can efficiently remove dust from cracks and corners but it can’t remove stickiness. In this case, mopping will be best for cleaning greasy surfaces.

How often should I clean my vacuum?

It is recommended to clean your vacuum once every year. You should clean and maintain various parts of your vacuum cleaner regularly to ensure its optimum performance.