Aqua Oasis Humidifier Instructions, Review, Alternatives, and How-to Guide

Last Updated on: 11th December 2023, 07:46 pm

This informative review of the AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier will guide you on how can this smart humidifier improve your dry indoor air and what are the effects of dry air inside homes, especially in winter.

Aqua Oasis Cool mist Humidifier

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Indoor air quality is a severe problem in many homes. It can be hard to keep your home’s indoor air at a healthy humidity level, especially during the winter and summer months when you’re likely using more heating or cooling systems than usual.

Even if you have central air conditioning and heating, there are still ways that you can help improve the air quality inside your home.

You Should know that dry air can be bad for your health—especially if you have an infant in your home or an elderly person. Dry air can cause skin irritation, dry eyes and throat, nosebleeds, and chapped lips.

For children, dry air can make breathing difficult for them at night by causing congestion and chest congestion. For adults, dry air can cause dry skin, a really dry throat, tonsils, and chapped lips (including cracked heels).

Remember, you must maintain proper humidity levels throughout your home at all times (even during those cold winter months!).

Properly maintaining humidity levels will help reduce these symptoms by keeping things like nasal passages moisturized so that they don’t become irritated easily. Using a Humidifier is an efficient way to prevent Air from drying and reduce the chances of the abovementioned problems.

To help you choose one, the following is a detailed review of the Aqua Oasis Cool Mist humidifier and its alternatives.

An expert review of AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier:

The AquaOasis Cool mist humidifier is the best seller in humidifiers on with more than 75000+ reviews and users. Its effectiveness and quiet operation make it stand above its competitors.

Design and Build Quality:

The AquaOasis cool mist humidifier is one of the best options for people who want to add moisture to their home without spending much money or using much energy. This humidifier is small, lightweight, and easy to use. It’s also affordable, making it a great choice for those looking for something that won’t break the bank but will still get the job done.

 It gives off a good stream of humidity and leaves the room pretty cloudy the next morning, with some slight condensation on the windows. A definite plus point is its design. The good design and well-built quality won’t let you experience any water or moisture on the surface of the furniture near the unit.


1. Low/High Mode:

The AquaOasis Cool Mist humidifier can be operated at 2 different low and high settings. The lowest and highest settings aren’t that noticeable but are slightly different. The low setting has a nice, steady flow of mist, while the high setting pushes out the mist more rapidly, producing a slightly thicker layer of mist. On low settings, a full container lasts me less than 18 hours but more than 12.

2. Water Tank:

The Humidifier is equipped with a 2.2-liter water tank. It can also adequately last throughout the night into the morning without running out of water. To prevent leakage, remember to put the white mist rotating cap/nozzle on top.

3. Auto Shutoff Feature:

This humidifier has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off when it runs out of water. This prevents you from remembering to turn it off yourself after each use, which is a huge plus in my book!

4. Ultra Quiet Humidifier:

This humidifier operates quietly to let you sleep or work without creating any sounds.

5. Easy to use and Clean:

The Cool mist humidifier by Aqua Oasis is very easy to use. Fill some water in the tank, Plug in the Air humidifier, Rotate the knob on the front to the right, and get rid of dry air in your home.

6. Lifetime Returns:

The Refund and Returns of the Unit make the AuqaOasis Humidifiers stand out amongst the competitors. The company offers lifetime-no-question-asked returns. Here is what they say:

The Cons?

While every product has some cons, the AquaOasis Cool Mist humidifier has some grey areas. According to the users, it has the following few cons:

  • The blue light can be disturbing at night if you habitually sleep without a night lamp.
  • You cannot add essential oil, making it a poor aromatherapy choice.
  • The water filling outlet is at the bottom, which can be inconvenient sometimes.

The Price:

The most exciting feature of this humidifier is its price. While humidifiers are costing more than $80, this one will surprise you. While the Offical Website offers this humidifier at $36, On Amazon, It’s available at an even lower price than that.

Check Price Here

AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier User manual, instructions, and FAQs:

How to Use Aqua Oasis humidifier?

The Aqua Oasis cool mist humidifier is easy to use. Here are a few things to look into while using the humidifier for best results:

1. How to Fill the Humidifier?

Before using the device, you need to fill up the water tank. As mentioned earlier in the cons section, the water tank inlet is on the bottom side of the Humidifier. To Remove the Water Tan, gently pull it up, Invert it, and unscrew the water tap. You can add up to 2.2L of water where it’s mentioned: “add water here”. Distilled water must be used for better humidification.

To use the AquaOaises Cool mist humidifier:

  • Place it on a flat surface
  • Connect the unit to a power outlet
  • Turn it on by rotating the dial knob to the right. Once the unit is on, the green light will turn on(indicating Enough water in the tank).
  • Adjust the speed level with the help of the knob.
  • Adjust the top rotating nozzle to an ideal position according to the needs.

Once the water tank runs out of water, the green light will turn red, and the auto-shutoff feature will shut off the unit. This will help you save electricity costs as well as extend the life of the AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier.

How to clean the Humidifier?

A Humidifier can cause mold around the water tank areas for different reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier’s water tank areas every once in 2 weeks. The best thing is, this unit is very easy to clean.

Can a Humidifier cause mold?

For regular cleaning, you can use a soft, wet cloth to remove the stain on the surface of the unit. The rotating nozzle can easily be cleaned with warm tap water. You can use the cleaning brush accessory with the humidifier to wipe out dust.

Read Here about Humidifiers and Molds.

Adding a few Humidifier Drops will prevent molds and slimy build-ups on the surface and will help in maintaining the cleanliness of the humidifier as well.

Adding Essential oils to the Humidifier:

Essential oils should not be added or used in an AquaOasis cool mist humidifier. AquaOasis recommends only water should be added to the water tank.

3 Alternatives of the Aqua Oasis Cool Mist Humidifiers:

So if you to look for a larger and more advanced humidifier, for homes and babies, Other than the AquaOasis Humidifier, Here are 4 different options to choose from.

1. Levoit Humidifier For Large Rooms:

Levoit is famous for its air purifiers but its Air Humidifiers are also second to none. This Leviot Humidifier not only comes with all the features of the Aqua Oasis Humidifiers in the same price range but also extra features like:

  • 3L large water tank
  • 25 hours of continuous operation, 3 Nights of Sleep
  • ETL Certified For Safety and Reliability
  • Comes with a Cleaning Brush
2. Miro NR07G Humidifier:

Miro Humidifiers are the premium humidifiers available in the market.

The Miro NR07G may not have all the ‘Bells and whistles’ of some of the more popular & high-end humidifiers on the market but the Miro humidifiers are some of the most low-maintenance, easy-to-use, well-designed, & reliable humidifiers on the market right now.

Miro NR7G has a compact design & the ability to refill it by pouring from the top without stopping the unit’s operation is genius.

The Miro NR07G Humidifier has a completely washable outside and inside body. It also comes with a Volcano cap and a Tea-kettle-style cap nozzle. The NR07G Humidifier can cover up to 600 sq. ft.

However, I would have to say that if there are any Cons of the unit, they would have to be:

1) The size of its reservoir at 4L/1gal is small compared to other models, so it must be refilled every 48hrs & 25%-33% power output at >50% power output it varies from an est 6-12hrs.

2) The controls of the unit are very bare bones. I wish I could set my Miro to maintain a humidity % without buying a 3rd party humidistat switch. However, the simpler a device is, the less there is to break & costs are kept down.

3) The Miro is significantly more expensive than similarly featured models from competitors, but I will admit that the higher price is reflected in its workmanship & quality.

3. CarePod 21P Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Easy to disassemble, no hidden spots, Very easy to clean!! The CarePod 21P Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is very effective for small rooms, babies, and plants. The button control system makes it very easy to operate as well. This Korean Humidifier also features an auto-shut-down feature.

Winding Up:

If Dry air is causing different health problems for you and your family, A humidifier alongside an air purifier will improve your indoor air Quality.