Can You Use An Air Purifier And Humidifier Together?

Last Updated on: 11th May 2023, 02:57 pm

Can you use an air purifier and humidifier together? The simple answer is: Yes, you can use an air purifier and humidifier together. In fact, using these appliances at the same time is a great idea to tackle problems caused by dry and polluted air. An air purifier eliminates contaminants present in the air while a humidifier increases humidity levels in the atmosphere. Both these devices work by improving indoor air quality.

Can you Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier together?

We’ll talk about the uses of both air purifiers and humidifiers and when you should use them together. We’ll also go through some factors that you should keep in mind when using an air purifier and a humidifier together.

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Air Purifier Vs. Humidifier

Both air purifiers and humidifiers operate differently in improving indoor air quality. Air purifiers remove airborne pollutants from the atmosphere and provide purified and healthy air to breathe. Humidifiers, on the other hand, increase the air’s moisture level which is between 30 to 50%. This helps treat problems caused by dry air, especially in the winter season.

Uses of an air purifier

Can you Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier together?

An air purifier is generally used when

  • You have symptoms of asthma
  • When your house is dusty
  • You are allergic to pet hairs
  • When there are strong paint odors or smells of chemicals and varnishes.
  • When someone smokes cigarettes in the house
  • When you feel uncomfortable and stale air in the room.
  • When you have other respiratory problems that seem to be triggered by contaminated air in the house.

Air purifiers are extremely beneficial in addressing many health problems related to polluted air.

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Uses of a Humidifier

A humidifier is an incredible device that solves problems caused by dry air such as

Can you Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier together?

When the air becomes dry, it causes many health-related problems. A humidifier works by maintaining humidity levels providing enough moisture for your body to function properly.

When Should You Use an Air Purifier and a Humidifier together?

It is not necessary to run an air purifier and a humidifier together all the time. However, there are times when using both these appliances at the same time might prove beneficial to you. For example, during the winter season, the cold air is dry and holds less moisture. When the furnace is turned on, the air becomes even drier.

In this scenario, a humidifier will help restore the air’s moisture levels. Using an air purifier at the same time will improve winter air quality and provide purified and cleaner air.

Can you Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier together?

During the allergy season, these two appliances offer great benefits when used together. An air purifier eliminates dust, pollen, and other air pollutants from the surroundings. While a humidifier mitigates dry air symptoms such as dry skin, sinusitis, common cold, and throat irritation.

Factors to Look For When Using an Air Purifier and a Humidifier together

There are some important factors that you should consider while using an air purifier and a humidifier at the same time.

  1. Humidity Levels

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that the ideal humidity level in the house should be between 30 to 50%. Below 30% the indoor air will feel stale and stuffy.

However, if the indoor humidity level exceeds 60%, it will aid the growth of bacteria and mold as these microorganisms thrive in wet and humid environments. This microbial growth can hamper the proper functioning of the air purifier.

  1. Placement

If you want to use the air purifier and humidifier in the same room, consider keeping them at a distance so that the moisture from the humidifier will not interfere with the air purifier’s filters. In this way, you’ll be able to get maximum benefits from both these devices without affecting each other’s performance and function.

  1. Humidity on Air Purifier’s HEPA filters

The air’s high humidity can affect the performance of the air purifier, especially if the humidity levels go beyond 60%. The moisture on the HEPA filter allows rapid growth of bacteria and mold which clogs the air filters.

Therefore, indoor humidity levels must be regulated within a normal range to ensure that the air purifier and humidifier work efficiently. It is also advised to keep these devices far away if you want to use them in the same room.

  1. Humidity on Activated Carbon Filter

When the humidity in the air is increased, the activated carbon filters will absorb moisture from the air leaving less space for the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other chemicals to bind with the filter. Hence, the functionality and efficiency of the activated carbon filter are greatly reduced due to high humidity. You should always check and maintain the humidity levels in your room to prevent this problem.

  1. Using Purified or Distilled Water in the Humidifier

It is advised to always use purified and distilled water in your humidifier. If you use your household tap water for the humidifying process, it will contribute to bacterial growth and add particles to the atmosphere. This will lead to contaminated air in the house and the indoor air quality will be greatly reduced.

  1. Use a Separate Indoor Air Quality Sensor

To adequately check the indoor air quality, you should use separate air quality sensors rather than relying on in-built sensors of air purifiers. This is because the in-built air sensors are cheap and they don’t give precise measurements.

It is recommended to use a sensor that has laser diffraction technology. This gives accurate air quality measurements and helps you reduce airborne particles in your house.

Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo
Can you Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier together?

Now, many brands of air purifiers and humidifier combos are available on the market. These combos give you the following benefits:

  • This device removes unpleasant odors from the atmosphere and provides fresh air to breathe.
  • Air purifier and humidifier combos alleviate many health-related symptoms associated with polluted and dry air.
  • You can save some space in your room using this device instead of using separate appliances.
  • Buying an air purifier and humidifier combo is cost-effective as it provides a dual function in eliminating pollutants and increasing moisture in the air. Hence, you won’t have to spend money on buying separate appliances. Also, as a result of using a single device instead of two, the energy consumption will be less.
  • This device is ideal for people who suffer from asthma or those who are allergic to pollen and pet dander.


Can we use an air purifier and a humidifier in the same room?

Yes, you can use both these appliances simultaneously in the same room. These devices provide comfortable and healthy air for you and your loved ones. However, you should keep them far away from each other, preferably on opposite sides of the room. This is to ensure the air filters don’t get clogged by moisture and perform their function efficiently.

What is better for sinus health, an air purifier or a humidifier?

Both appliances are great for treating sinus issues. An air purifier captures dust and allergens from the air while a humidifier lessens those allergy symptoms providing better sinus health.


It is best to use an air purifier and humidifier together at the same time. Using both appliances simultaneously may prove beneficial in improving indoor air quality, especially during allergy and winter months.

Air purifiers remove airborne pollutants and humidifiers regulate moisture levels in the air that provide a fresh and healthy environment for your home. However, you should consider some crucial factors before using these devices together to ensure their optimal performance.