Crane Humidifier Red Light When Full – Won’t Turn Off: Causes And Solutions

A Crane humidifier is an efficient household appliance that keeps ideal indoor humidity levels if the air in your home becomes too dry. This humidifier comes with different indicator lights which show the condition of your device. A red light, in most cases, means that your humidifier has low water levels.

Refilling the humidifier should revert the red light to green. Green light means you have sufficient water in your humidifier in order for it to operate properly. However, there are other reasons why your humidifier’s red light stays on.

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crane humidifier red light

If you’re wondering why your crane humidifier’s red light won’t turn off, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss in detail the possible reasons for this issue. You’ll also learn how to address this problem and some important tips to prevent this issue from happening again.

Why Is My Humidifier Light Red With Water?

There are several reasons why your Crane humidifier’s red light stays on. These include:

Low Level of Water

A low level of water in your crane humidifier is the key reason why your unit’s red light stays on. Your humidifier comes with an auto-shutoff feature that allows the device to turn off when it detects a low level of water. It does so through a water level sensor in the tank.

So, whenever the sensor detects low water levels, the humidifier automatically shuts off to prevent overheating. Also, the red light will be switched on to remind you to refill the water tank.

The Red Night Light Feature is On

Some models of Crane humidifiers are equipped with a night light feature. The nightlight has multiple colors that provide a soothing glow at night. You can set a specific color by pressing the button. So, it is possible that you may have accidentally set the nightlight color as red. That could be the reason your humidifier shows red light.

Faulty Water Level Sensor

Sometimes, the humidifier may show red light even when the water tank is full. This may happen because of a faulty or broken water level sensor. So, the water level sensor will send a wrong message to the humidifier even if the tank has ample water. This might be the reason your crane humidifier’s red light stays on.

Water in the Base of the Humidifier

Sometimes water can enter the base of your humidifier, where all the electrical components of your device are located. This damages the working humidifier parts and may cause the red light to blink.

How to Fix a Red Light on My Crane Humidifier?

crane humidifier red light

You can easily fix the red light issue on your Crane humidifier by following the methods below:

Refill the Water Reservoir with Clean Water

Some of the Crane humidifier models have a top-fill design that makes refilling super easy. However, it is recommended not to add water directly to the water tank.

You should unplug your unit from the power socket, pour out the old water from the tank, rinse the water tank thoroughly, and then refill the tank with clean water. Using distilled water instead of tap water is important if you want to prevent mold or bacteria from growing in your humidifier.

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Turn Off the Night Light Mode

To solve the issue of red light, simply turn off the night light feature or set a different light color.

Fix the Water Level Sensor

When the water level sensor fails to function properly, it sends a wrong message to the machine. In this way, the humidifier’s red light turns on even if the water tank is full. To solve this problem, you should either fix or replace the water level sensor. If the problem persists, call in a professional for help.

Dry Off the Appliance

When you’ve tried all the above-mentioned methods, and the problem still remains, it is likely that water might have entered the electrical components of your appliance.

In that case, unplug and disassemble your device. Next, dry out the working parts of your machine using a soft cloth or a paper towel. You can also dry out your humidifier by turning it upside down. In this way, the water will drain out of your device.

Important Tips to Avoid Red Light Issues From Happening Again

crane humidifier red light

You can prevent your Crane humidifier’s red light from switching on by following the tips mentioned below:

Use the Correct Type of Water in your Humidifier

There will be less likelihood of mineral accumulation in your device if you use distilled water instead of tap water. Using distilled or demineralized water may prevent blockage in your device and increase its lifespan.

Regularly Refill the Water Tank of Your Humidifier

Refilling your Crane’s humidifier water tank daily will make sure your device is never low on water. This is important because running the humidifier without water may damage your device.

Clean and Maintain the Machine Regularly

It is a good practice to clean and disinfect your device to prevent scale buildup or bacteria and mold from growing in your humidifier. Scale build-up or mold growth may clog the working parts of your humidifier.

Be Careful When you Set Up the Water Level Sensor

Make sure the water level sensor accessories are in their proper place whenever you assemble them in your machine.

Select a Crane Humidifier Model that has a Longer Run Time

If you have a habit of forgetting to refill the water tank or if you want to use your Crane humidifier day and night, make sure you choose a model that has a longer runtime per fill. This will help prevent the red light from staying on. Also, you won’t have to refill the water tank frequently.

You can also prolong the runtime of your humidifier by adjusting the mist output rate at a low level.

Bottom Line

There are several reasons why your Crane humidifier red light stays on. A low water level in your humidifier tank is the main cause of the red light. However, the night light feature, faulty water level sensor, and water in the electrical components of the machine may also cause the red light to turn on. Once you know the main cause of the problem, you can easily fix it or call in a professional for help.

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