Honeywell Air Purifier won’t turn on? Here is What to do

If your Honeywell air purifier won’t turn on and doesn’t respond to anything there are three major reasons for that:

  1. The socket you’re plugging into isn’t working. Check if it’s working at all by plugging another appliance into it.
  2. See if the cord isn’t damaged. If it is damaged, stop using the Honeywell air purifier altogether and contact customer support.
  3. Your air purifier got broken after heavy usage. This is the most common reason for your air cleaning unit to stop working. Honeywell air purifiers aren’t the most durable ones.

Honeywell air purifier making a loud noise?

In cases two and three contact Honeywell customer support: 1-800-477-0457 (toll-free) or email at

Another thing to do if your Honeywell air purifier won’t turn on is to look for a solution in the manuals.

Honeywell Air Purifier Manuals:

Following the links listed below will take you to the Honeywell Air Purifier Manuals Page. You can find Manuals for all models of Honeywell Air Purifiers.

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