Portable Air Purifier DH-JH01 Review: Is it worth It?

Last Updated on: 12th September 2023, 03:56 pm

Are you in the market for a small air purifier for your 220 sq. ft. bedroom for under $50? The Portable Air purifier DH-JH01 might be a good option for you. This post is going to be a detailed review of the air purifier. Read till the end to know about the exciting features of this compact Air purifier.

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Did you know?

The average person spends 90% of their time indoors, so the air quality matters. Indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and the EPA ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental health risks. One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality is to use a plug-in air purifier such as the Dh-JH01 Air Purifier.

Portable Air Purifier DH-JH01: Major Specifications:

The Air Purifier DH-JH01 is a HEPA Filter purifier that uses a dense, non-woven fiber material for filtration. There are also water-based air purifiers in the market, HEPA filter air purifiers being the most common these days. Following are the major specifications of Portable Air purifier DH-JH 01. For more details, read till the end:

S. No.FeaturesDetails
1Size6 x 6 x 9 inches
2Weight3 pounds
3Noise Level22 dB-45 dB
4Coverage Area215 sq. ft.
5Can Cleanse Pet Dander
Best for Allergens
6Filtration3-stage filtration system
H13 HEPA Filter. (Replaceable)
7Filter Lifespan2000 hours
2-4 Months. (Depending on usage)
Comes with Filter replacement Alert
9Fan speed3 Different Fan speed options
10ACH (Air changes per hour)
11Unique FeaturesEssential Oil Diffuser, Sleep mode, Touch Panel
13Energy Consumption17W ($0.5/week with 24/7 usage)
14IonizerNo- Ozone free
15UA-V LightYes

Review: Air Purifier DH-JH01:

The DH-JH01 Air Purifier has awesome features to offer at an affordable price. This in-depth review will help you explore all the features, the pros and cons of the Air Purifier, and whether it’s a good choice for you or not. Let’s find out.

Design and Build Quality:

Portable Air Purifier DH-JH01

Having a Compact and simple design, the DH-JH01 Air purifier can purify indoor air up to 5 times per hour. That’s right. Its body and inner cylindrical filter case are made of plastic, making it lightweight and portable.

Furthermore, the body has a matte finish with small punctured holes outside. The small holes help in a greater air intake to be purified at a rapid speed.

The Design resembles the Levoit Lightweight V-H133 Air Purifier, but the DH-JH01 has a more organized and detailed touch panel control system at the top. On the inside, you’ll find the filter below the fan and the motor used for air intake.

The filter can be easily replaced from the bottom side, which features a handle to open the filter area and 4 silicon feet to place the device a little above the ground.

Overall the Design of air purifier is a simple one but with a new duct design that ensures that the air can be purified 5 times per hour in a 215 sq. ft. room. Also, the Gird of the purifier has been enlarged, which enables an increased intake airflow, affecting the purifying effect. The Build Quality is also durable, and can the device can even last longer if used with a little care.

Filtration System and How it Works:

The Portable Air Purifier DH-JH01 uses a HEPA filter without a pre-filter (used to capture larger particles than 0.3 micrometers). This filtration system is designed according to the United States Department of Energy Standards. It can capture and filter Aerosols of up to 0.3 micrometers, which include unpleasant airborne particles such as smoke, pet dander, hair, pollen, and more. That means it can purify up to 99.97% of the Air inside a space.

Air is forced through the HEPA filter of the air purifier using a motor and the small punctured holes. The multi-layered filter has a new duct design, enabling it to purify the air 5 times per hour. The filtered air is then blown out through a 3-speed fan.

Features, Performance, and Uses

As I mentioned some of the features above in the table, now let’s see how these features perform as a whole. A lot of users were contacted before analyzing the performance. Here is what we found:

Pomoron Air Purifier


Let’s have a look at the features first:

  • Quiet Operation: The Air Purifier DH-JH01 is advertised to operate at a noise level of 22dB with its new fan.
  • Smart Detection: To ensure that the air purifier is filtering effectively without any unpleasant air particles blowing out, a 2000-hour air filter detection feature is set up. When the air filter is used for more than 2000 hours, the indicator at the top will turn red to remind you that the air filter needs to be replaced.
  • Energy Saving: With a rated power of 17W, the air purifier uses little energy, costing only 0.51 dollars per week (0.18 dollars per kWh) even when used 24 hours a day. The 6-12-24 hour timer allows you to set the run time to suit your needs without wasting extra power.
  • UV light-enhanced air purification enables the air purifier to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Timer control and Sleep mode allow you to run the air purifier effortlessly and also reduce energy consumption by up to 22%.
  • Air Pretreatment System: When an air purifier filters air particles, the air pretreatment system with a HEPA filter will enhance the air treatment capacity of the purifier.


The Portable Air Purifier DH-JH01 is very quiet in night mode. It has 3 levels. It’s a bit loud in level 2 when it operates at maximum fan speed. Besides that, the night mode and level 1 are quiet and effective.

4 out of every 5 users found this air purifier easy to use, operate, and effective.  Even with windows open, it works fast to clean out all the allergens so that you can enjoy the breeze. The filter works fine and is easy to replace.


This compact air purifier is good for allergens, Pet Dander, Dust, Smoke, pollen, etc. Users noticed significant differences after using this Air Purifier for several days. Following are some areas where this air purifier works great and can be used easily:

  1. Helps with coughing
  2. Improved Sleep with pure air
  3. Works well for reducing pollen, dust, and allergens
  4. Good for Cat litter Dust
  5. Best for cleaning musty and stale Air.

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Maintenance Cost: Air Purifier DH-JH01

The filter replacement cost is the only maintenance cost associated with this air purifier. The Official store on Amazon offers its replacement filter at $21. You can find it here. Other than that, You can use the Flintar DH-JH01 True HEPA Replacement Filter which is available on Amazon and other local hardware stores.

The Downside?

With tons of features, the DH-JH01 Air purifier is a good choice, but has some dark areas. First of all, The build quality is not excellent, and the plastic materials on the top can melt and get broken easily. Other than that, this air purifier is available under different brand names and different price tags. The Model, DH-JH 01, is the same, so look for the lowest price.

Video Review Air Purifier DH-JH01:

Buying Guide:

Buying an Air purifier is simple but can be a headache sometimes. So here is a simple buying guide for you. Following are some of the points that should be considered before buying an air purifier:

1. Your Room Size: Before you buy an air purifier, make sure that you properly measure your room size or, for that matter, the size of your desired space you want an air purifier for. This will help you pick the right device for your home/space. Or else you’d buy a 215 sq. ft. air purifier for a 600 sq. ft. space.

2. Customer Reviews: Most of these air purifiers are available on Amazon and have all the customer reviews. Look through them if you plan on buying an air purifier.

3. Warranty: Warranty is very crucial when it comes to air purifiers. Even though these devices are designed to work longer, you still don’t have an air purifier without a warranty. Contact the supplier for such details.

4. Filters: Another important thing to consider is the Filters. It is advised to look for a good pre-filter and a carbon-activated filter, as these are more efficient than a simple HEPA filter. Furthermore, it would be best to consider the availability of replacement filters for your air purifier.

Final Words:

The DH-JH01 is a decent, compact air purifier covering a smaller space. Though I would have liked to see multiple types and layers of filters, considering the device’s price tag, you do get a HEPA filter and a UV light, Which is more than enough. The device is small, portable, and doesn’t occupy much space. The LEDs look cool, and spare parts are available, so if you’re in the market for a compact air purifier, do give the DH-JH01 a chance.