Purello Air Purifier Review With Ionizer (Price, Etc)

Last Updated on: 12th September 2023, 03:49 pm

I recently had the chance to try out the Ritello Purello air purifier, and I was impressed! The unit is small and sleek, and it did a great job of purifying the air in my home. The price is a bit steep, but I think it’s worth it for the air quality you get.

In contrast to most air purifiers, the Purello Air purifier is different. While most air purifiers use HEPA Filters, the Purello Air Purifier uses a water-based Air Filtration system.

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Introduction: Purello Air Purifer

A few air purifiers in the market revitalize the air using Water. The Purello is one of them and is probably the most expensive one on the line. It uses an Ionizer, discharging negative ions that help in trapping specks of dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, and harmful bacteria.

Did you know that water is an effective purification filter? Scientists consider water to a “sticky,” and it is. It sticks to our clothes and is hard to wring off wet laundry.

We wash our hands with water because it is a good cleansing agent, the same as the air outside when it is cleansed by rainwater. Water is a natural air purifier and revitalizer. Therefore, the Purello Air Purifier by Ritello is based on the same principle.

Here are the major specifications of the Purello Air Purifier:

Major Specifications of Purello Air Purifier:

Size270 inches
Weight1.9 Ponds
Noise Level25-40 dB
Coverage Area860 sq. ft.
Cleansing AreaDust
Cigarette smoke
Pet Dander
Water-Based Filtration System
with Ionizer
Filter LifespanWashable, Reusable
Fan speed1 fan, 2300- 2500 rpm
ACH (Air changes per hours)
Unique FeaturesWater-Based Air Purification
Warranty Unknown
Energy Consumption14 Watts
UA-V LightYes

Unbiased Review: Ritello’s Purello Air Purifier:

About the Company:

Purello is a trademark of Librex Inc., A Germany-based company established in 1987 that produces water-based purification systems, including the Purello, Waterello, Ritello Vacuum Cleaners, and others.

They offer in-house products demonstration in 45 countries around the world. Following is a detailed review of the Purello Air Purifier:


The Water-based air purifier has a sleek, premium design and a great first impression. It’s small and fits anywhere: on the bedside stand, small table, or hallway floor. When the purello air purifier is switched on, it illuminates the spinning water, making it a perfect bedside lamp…with benefits.

Filtration System and how it works:

The Purello Air Purifier’s filtration system draws air into an inlet, usually with a fan, and forces that air through a pool of water. Sometimes, the water is spun around to create a “thunderstorm” effect to generate negative ions, which would then help to capture more charged particles. These charged negative particles are then used to trap dust particles.

It’s important to remember that there’s no evidence that water-based air purifiers purify the air to any significant degree, and the science on the health benefits of negative air ions is unclear anyway. Find out more here.

Features and Uses:

Following are some of the basic features of this water-based air purifier:

  • The Purello Air purifier uses in-water IONIZER to trap dust particles and unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, pet dander, etc.
  • Has multiple LED Lights.
  • The perfect size makes the air purifier portable and easy to place on a table, floor, or bedside table.
  • It has a Built-In Handle to easily remove the top when replacing water inside the air purifier.
  • The Vents of the Purello Air purifier are wider, which helps in a higher inflow of air to be purified.
  • Has a Tip-Over Safety Cut-off Switch for emergencies.
  • Operates at a low sound level and can easily make up to fall asleep.
  • It has a small circuit and only uses 15W of power. This helps you save cost and energy even if you leave it open 24 hours/day.


The Purello Air purifier can be used in a home, office, or any other indoor space to purify, revitalize, and amortize the Air inside that space. It can be used to:

  1. Remove dust particles in the air.
  2. Reduce cigarette smoke and change the room’s aroma with its accompanying Ritello or rainbow fragrances.
  3. Remove pet dander and other harmful microbacteria.
  4. Perfect for people with asthma and allergies.

Purello Air Purifier Price

The price of Purell air purifiers can vary depending on the model, features, and size. Generally, their air purifiers range from around $50 to $500 or more. The smaller models designed for personal use or small rooms are typically less expensive, while larger models with more advanced features and higher capacity tend to be more expensive.

Maintenance Cost

There is no maintenance cost associated with a water-based air purifier. As you know HEPA air purifiers have replaceable filters that are required to be replaced every 4-6 months or even less depending on certain factors like usage, quality, etc. Water-based Air purifiers, on the other hand, are filterless.

Video Review:

Buying Guide

Here is how can you buy the Purello Air Purifier.

Book an appointment with Ritello:

As the company doesn’t sell any of its equipment online or in any store, there is only one way you can buy this Air purifier: an in-house demo. This allows you to check the air purifier inside your home. You can also claim a free Purello Air purifier subject to the company’s terms and conditions. The following links may be helpful to you:

Ritello America Distributions: https://www.ritello.com/purello


Ritello Canada : https://www.ritellocanadabc.ca/

Purello Air Purifier Free: Click Here

Purello Air Purifier Alternatives:

Since the Price of the Purello Air Purifier is around $130, Here are some cheap water-based air purifiers you can buy.

1. AP Air Pleasure Air Purifier:

AP Air Pleasure Purifier Air Washer is a Water Based Air Revitalizer for homes, offices, and indoor spaces with Night Light. This air purifier is equipped with One button: press the first time, power on, fast gear state, LED light irregular color change; press the second time, slow state, LED light off. Press the third time. The machine shuts down. Easy to clean, you only need to wash with soapy water.

Accessories Available: Manual, Adapter.