Gree AC Remote Symbols & Functions

Last Updated on: 23rd January 2024, 08:52 pm

The Gree air conditioner remote control symbols are designed to help users decide on the temperature, fan speed, and air conditioner mode. The symbols are usually on the remote control’s buttons and represent different shapes, letters, and numbers. Some of the symbols are self-explanatory, while others may require some explanation.

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Understanding Your Gree Air Conditioner System – A Quick Setting Manual

Before studying the symbols, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the basic components of your Gree Air Conditioner system. The system comprises an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, each with distinct functions:

  1. Indoor Unit:
    • The indoor unit is installed inside the room you wish to cool or heat.
    • It houses the evaporator coil that absorbs heat from the room and a fan that circulates cool air back into the room.
    • The indoor unit’s panel or display provides essential information, such as the current temperature setting, operation mode, and active features like a swing or timer.
  2. Outdoor Unit:
    • The outdoor unit is installed outside the room or on the exterior of the building.
    • It houses the compressor and condenser coil, which expel the heat absorbed from the indoor unit to the outside environment.
    • This unit also contains crucial components, such as the compressor, which circulates refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units, facilitating the cooling or heating process.

Understanding the roles of the indoor and outdoor units will provide a foundation for better comprehending the symbols and functions as we explore them in the following sections.

Understanding Gree AC Remote Symbols

Basic Symbols

The basic symbols can be confusing for first-time users. However, with some guidance, anyone can learn how to use them. Basic symbols include:

  • Power button: turns the AC on and off
  • Mode button: selects the mode of operation (cool, heat, fan, etc.)
  • Temperature: sets the temperature of the room
  • Fan speed: sets the speed of the fan

These symbols are usually located on the front and are easy to identify.

Advanced Symbols

Advanced symbols are less commonly used but can be useful in certain situations. Some examples include:

  • Sleep mode: sets the temperature gradually during the night to ensure a comfortable sleep
  • Timer: sets a specific time for the AC to turn on or off
  • Swing: moves the airflow up and down or left and right
  • Ionizer: releases negative ions to purify the air

These symbols are usually located on the back or in a separate section.

Understanding the symbols is essential for anyone who wants to use their AC efficiently and effectively. By familiarizing themselves with the basic code and advanced symbols, users can take advantage of all the features that their AC has to offer.

gree ac remote control symbols

Basic Symbols

Understanding the symbols is essential when operating an air conditioner. This section will cover the basic symbols you need to know to operate your air conditioner.

Power On/Off

A circle with a vertical line in the center represents the power button. Pressing this button turns the air conditioner on and off.


The symbols for temperature are a plus sign (+) and a minus sign (-) to change the temp on the screen. These arrow buttons are used to change the temperature setting. Pressing the plus sign increases the temperature while pressing the minus sign decreases it.

Fan Speed

A fan symbol represents the fan speed button. This button is used to choose the fan’s speed. Pressing it multiple times cycles through the available fan speeds.

Operation and Operation Mode

Gree offers various operation modes to cater to different comfort needs. By pressing the “Mode” button, users can cycle through these modes, each of which sets the indoor unit to operate in a specific manner:

  • Auto Mode: In this mode, the air conditioner automatically selects the cooling or heating operation based on the ambient temperature. Users won’t be able to set a specific temperature but can still change the grill’s fan speed or rotation angle.
  • Cool Mode: When selected, the air conditioner cools the room to the set temperature. Users can set the temperature, fan speed, and air swing.
  • Heat Mode: This mode is available in models with heating capability. It operates to warm the room to the desired temperature setting.
  • Dry Mode: This mode dehumidifies the room to keep it comfortable, especially during rainy or humid conditions. The fan operates at a low speed, and the temperature setting is not adjustable.
  • Fan Mode: Selecting this mode turns off the cooling and heating operations, allowing the unit to operate as a fan only. It’s a great option for days with moderate temperatures.

Understanding the operation modes and how they relate to the function of your Gree AC unit is crucial for optimizing comfort and energy efficiency. Familiarizing oneself with these modes using the remote provides a tailored comfort experience, whether you’re looking to cool down, warm up, or circulate air within your space.

Mode Selection

The mode selection button is represented by a symbol that looks like a drop of water. This button is used to select the operating mode of the air conditioner. Pressing it multiple times will cycle through the available modes, including cool, heat, fan, and dehumidification.

In addition to cooling, heating, and dehumidifying, it offers a Fan Mode for simple air circulation. When selecting Fan Mode using the mode button on the remote, the air conditioner operates solely as a fan without engaging the cooling or heating functions. This mode is ideal for days when the outdoor temperature is comfortable, and you only need a gentle breeze to maintain a pleasant indoor environment. Fan Mode also allows for energy savings as it consumes less power compared to the cooling or heating modes.

Advanced Symbols

These offer advanced symbols that provide additional features and options for those who want to enhance their air conditioning experience. This section will explore some of the most common advanced symbols and what they can do.


The Swing symbol allows users to adjust the airflow direction. This is particularly useful for those who want to cool or heat a room evenly, as it ensures that the air is distributed evenly throughout the space. By pressing the Swing button, users can set the airflow direction to horizontal or vertical, depending on their needs.

Adjusting Air Flow Angle

Adjusting the airflow angle is a simple task that enhances the distribution of cool or warm air across the room. This feature ensures that air is evenly distributed, providing a more comfortable environment. The Gree AC remote has two buttons to choose the horizontal and vertical airflow angles, ensuring precise handling over air distribution.

Horizontal Air Flow Adjustment

Press the Horizontal SWING button to adjust the left & right swing angle of the air louvers. By pressing this button continuously for more than 2 seconds, the main unit will swing back and forth from left to right. Once you release the button, the unit will stop swinging, and the present position of the guide louver will be held immediately. This function is available in some models only. In other models, you can adjust the louver by hand.

Vertical Air Flow Adjustment

Press the Vertical SWING button to adjust the up & down fan swing angle. The fan blow angle can be selected circularly as below:

Press this button continuously for over 2 seconds. The main unit will swing up and down. Once you release the button, the unit will stop swinging, and the present position of the guide louver will be held immediately. This function allows for better control over air distribution, especially in larger rooms or areas with high ceilings.

Sleep Mode

Another advanced symbol is Sleep Mode. This feature is designed to help users save energy and reduce costs by automatically adjusting the temperature based on the user’s sleep patterns. When Sleep Mode is activated, the air conditioner will gradually adjust the temperature throughout the night to ensure maximum comfort while minimizing energy consumption.


The Timer symbol allows users to set a specific time for the air conditioner to turn on or off. This is particularly useful for those who want to watch their energy consumption and save money on electricity bills. By setting the timer, users can ensure that the air conditioner is only running when needed rather than wasting energy when no one is home.

Timer Settings (T-OFF Button)

This allows users to set timers for when the air conditioner should turn on or off. This feature is handy for managing energy consumption and ensuring a comfortable environment waiting for you when you arrive home or wake up. Here’s how to use the timer settings:

  1. T-ON button: This button allows you to set the time for the timer to turn on. After pressing this button, the “Clock” icon disappears, and the word “ON” on the remote blinks.
  2. T-OFF button: This button allows you to set the time for the timer to turn off. After pressing this button, the “Clock” icon disappears, and the word “OFF” on the remote blinks.
  3. Adjusting the Timer: Press the ▲ or ▼ button to increase or decrease the timer for 1 minute each time. Hold the ▲ or ▼ button for 2 seconds to change the time quickly.
  4. Confirming the Timer: Press the “T-ON” or “T-OFF” buttons to confirm. To cancel the timer, press the “T-ON” or “T-OFF” button twice within 5 seconds.

By understanding and utilizing the timer settings, you can better manage your energy usage and maintain a comfortable living or working environment.

Turbo Mode

The Turbo Mode symbol is designed to cool or heat a room to the desired temperature quickly. This is particularly useful for those who want to quickly cool down a room after a hot day or heat a room during cold weather. Users can activate this feature by pressing the Turbo Mode button and enjoy rapid temperature changes in their space.

X-FAN Function

The X-FAN function keeps the indoor unit dry and prevents mold formation. When you turn off your air conditioner, the X-FAN feature keeps the fan running for a few more minutes to dry up the indoor unit. This function can be activated or deactivated by pressing the “X-Fan” button. It’s a helpful feature to maintain a clean and odor-free indoor unit, especially in humid climates.

To activate the X-FAN function:

  1. Press the “X-FAN” button.
  2. The icon will display on the remote, indicating that the X-FAN function is activated.
  3. To deactivate, press the “X-FAN” button again.

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