how to unlock Gree ac remote.

How to Unlock Gree AC Remote: The Ultimate Guide

If you have installed a Gree Air conditioner in your home or office and your remote control got locked, here is how to unlock Gree AC Remote within a minute.

The Need to Lock/Unlock Gree AC remote Control:

Have you ever wondered why is it important to have the feature of locking/unlocking the remote control of an Air Conditioner like Gree? Actually, this feature is best for people who have children in their homes. Of course, you don’t want your children to be messing with your Air conditioner as this can lead to failure of the air conditioner, low cooling, and high electricity bills.

We might also be interested in avoiding accidental changes in the settings of the remote control. For all these reasons, it is quite important to have a remote control lock feature that is not available in most remote controls.

Gree AC Manual

How to Unlock Gree AC remote control:

Here are the 2 easiest and most effective ways to answer the question “how to unlock the Gree AC remote control”.

Method 1: Using a combination of buttons on the remote control:

If you want to lock your Gree AC remote control, Press and hold the temperature control buttons on the remote control at the same time. After a few seconds, a lock icon will show up on the screen.

When the remote control is locked and you press any button, the lock icon will blink three times meaning it’s locked.

To unlock the remote control of your Gree AC, press and hold the temperature up and down buttons simultaneously, without any delay. This will unlock the remote control after a few seconds and the lock icon will disappear.

Watch here:

Method 2:

This method is a bit risky as it will reset all the settings of your remote control as well as remove the lock. To do this, remove the batteries and wait for the display to turn off. After that, put in the batteries. This will eventually unlock your remote control.

So this is how to unlock Gree AC remote control.

Gree Air conditioner Remote Functions

The Gree Air conditioner remote can control your air conditioner using a simple button system. The remote functions as a control for the Gree air conditioner. It allows you to switch on or off the unit, adjust its fan speed and temperature settings as well as set timers and auto modes.

Power On/Off

Press the power button to turn the air conditioner on or off.

Fan Speed Button

Press the Fan Speed button to select between High, Medium, and Low fan speeds. If you want to turn off the air conditioner, press and hold this button for 3 seconds until H appears on the screen.

Temperature UP/DOWN Buttons

The Temperature buttons are used to increase or decrease the temperature in your Gree Air conditioner. To change the temperature, press one of these buttons. The temperature will be displayed on your remote control screen and can be updated in 1-degree increments.

“Lighting Airflow” button for the lighting airflow feature.

The Lighting Airflow feature is one of the most popular and useful features on Gree air conditioners. When you turn on your air conditioner, the vents light up, which makes it easier to see in darker rooms. You can turn this feature off, however, if you prefer a darker room. If you’d like to turn on the Lighting Airflow feature again after turning it off, simply press the “Lighting Airflow” button at any time while operating your air conditioner and watch as your vents light up!

“I-feel” button for the remote sensing feature.

The remote sensing feature is a cool feature that lets you adjust the temperature based on the room’s current temperature. This is convenient if you’re in a hurry and just want to get out of your house quickly. However, it’s also a great feature to use in the summer as well as winter because it will allow your AC unit to save energy by not cooling an empty room when no one is at home!

Timer button

A timer button can be used to set the air conditioner to turn on or off at a specific time. Some models do not have this function, but others do. To activate it, press and hold the timer button until you hear the alarm sound three times.

SLEEP button

  • The SLEEP button is used to set the sleep timer.
  • The SLEEP button is also used to set the timer for the fan speed and temperature.
  • The SLEEP button is also used to set the timer for the lighting airflow feature.

Eco button

The Eco button is available in certain models of Gree Air conditioners. This function is used to save energy by automatically reducing power consumption.

The Eco button can be used to save money while keeping the same level of comfort in your home.

AIR SWING button

Air Swing is a feature that allows the user to control the direction of airflow. Air Swing can be used to direct the airflow towards a specific area of the room, providing localized cooling and heating where it’s needed. This is especially useful when trying to cool or heat a specific area such as by using your air conditioner as a fan, but it also works great for general cooling and heating throughout an entire space.

MODE button

The MODE button allows you to choose between the following modes:

  • Cooling mode–for cooling your room.
  • Fan-only mode-for circulating the air without cooling it.
  • Fan speed control mode–to adjust the fan speed from low to high (not all models).
  • Heat pump mode–for heating or cooling when connected to a heat pump system.

Display button

The display button is used to show the current mode, temperature, and fan speed. It can also be used to show the current time and date. The last setting will be shown when you turn off the unit or if there is no power.


Remote functions are useful in various ways. They can be used to control the air conditioner and set it to the desired temperature. The remote function also allows you to select different modes like sleep mode, turbo mode, etc. Moreover, it even helps you adjust fan speed and timer settings on your air conditioner. It is easy to use these features with just a few clicks on your remote controller!

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