Levoit Air Purifier Filter Reset Light Won’t Turn Off?

Levoit is a famous brand that manufactures excellent-quality air purifiers to make sure you breathe clean air free of dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants. It is necessary to change your air purifier’s HEPA filter whenever it needs replacement so that your air purifier works safely and operates at its maximum efficiency.

This blog post will help you troubleshoot your Levoit air purifier and specifically address the red light issue, the meaning of different colors on your device’s display, and what happens if you ignore your Levoit air purifier filter indicator light.

There is a “check filter” indicator on your Levoit air purifier that lights up as a reminder when it is time to replace your filter. You’ll need to reset the indicator light after changing the filter so that your device starts a new running cycle.

Let’s dive in for more details.

What do the different colors on my Levoit Air Purifier Mean?

All the Levoit Air Purifier models come with air-quality ring lights on the LED display of the device. The air quality indicator uses different color codes to detect real-time indoor air quality levels. The Levoit air purifier will show air quality after 5 to 30 seconds each time it is turned on.

The air purifier uses an automatic sensor to detect airborne particles through the use of infrared light. After you’ve first turned on your device, it will show a blue ring as a default color and will change the color after a few seconds depending on the indoor air quality level.

Your Levoit Air Purifier also features an auto mode that allows the device to adjust fan speed automatically depending on the air quality. The fan speed will be high if the air purifier detects low air quality due to more airborne contaminants present in the air.  

how to reset the levoit air purifier filter light

Here is what each color code means on your Levoit Air Purifier:

Red Light- the air quality is bad (the air purifier will run on a high fan speed)

Yellow/ Orange Light- the air quality is moderate (the air purifier will run on a medium fan speed)

Green Light- the air quality is good (the air purifier will run on a low fan speed)

Blue Light- the air quality is very good (the air purifier’s fan will be set on sleep mode)

How to Reset the Levoit Air Purifier Filter Light?

how to reset the levoit air purifier filter light

Resetting the Levoit filter red light is super easy. However, the location of this reset button is different depending on the model of the air purifier. Some models have this filter reset button on the top of their device while in other models, the reset button is located behind the vent. You can find the user manual for your specific Levoit Air Purifier Here.

Once you’ve located the reset button, you can easily reset the red filter light by following the steps below:

  • First, make sure your device is plugged in and switched on.
  • Locate the reset button on your device
  • Put your finger on the reset button and hold down the button for 3 to 5 seconds until the filter light turns off.
  •  After a successful reset, the red filter light will stop illuminating.

Why should you Reset the Filter Light on a Levoit Air Purifier?

The “check filter” indicator is an important maintenance feature that illuminates in red color as a reminder when it’s time for a new filter. You should reset this so that your air purifier begins a new running cycle. However, there are other reasons why you’ll need to reset this feature.

These include:

  • The air purifier display is not working as it should.
  • You replaced the old filter. Resetting the filter light will help refresh the monitoring process of the device.
  • Your air purifier is not efficiently cleaning the air from airborne contaminants because the device is working in an extremely polluted area. In this case, you’ll have to replace the filter and then reset the filter light.
  • Your device is constantly beeping. 
  • All the lights on the LED display such as the “check filter” indicator and the air quality indicator are turned on.
  • If the light doesn’t come on after you’ve changed the filter.

How Does a Levoit Air Purifier Work?

how to reset the levoit air purifier filter light

The Levoit air purifier filtration system consists of 3 filters that purify indoor air from harmful toxins, dust, or other pollutants. These air filters include:

  • Pre-filter- This filter is usually made of nylon. It acts as the first line of defense and removes larger air particles, for example, dust, hair, pollen, lint, fiber, and pet fur. The pre-filter helps increase the lifespan of the true HEPA filter.
  • True HEPA Filter- HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a highly efficient air filter that captures 99.97% of airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. It can capture air particles such as mold, dust, bacteria, and allergens.
  • Activated-carbon filter- This filter is designed to chemically react with air contaminants through a process known as adsorption. Activated carbon filter effectively eliminates smoke, pet odors, fumes, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.

Why My Levoit Air Purifier Red Light Won’t Turn Off?

If your Levoit Air Purifier red light has not turned off after replacing the filter then reset the device by pressing the reset button for 3 seconds. After resetting, the red light should turn off.

Sometimes, your device’s red light won’t switch off because dirt or dust might have accumulated on your air quality sensor. You can easily clean the dirt off your device’s sensor.

For that, unplug your device and open the sensor cover. Using a clean cotton swab, clean the air quality sensor by removing any dirt or dust. Then, put the sensor cover back in place.

You may find more insight on our Honeywell air purifier won’t turn on article.

How Often does the Levoit Air Purifier Indicator Light come on?

The Levoit air purifier filter indicator light usually comes on every six months. This feature allows the device to operate effectively at capturing harmful airborne contaminants such as dust, toxins, mold, allergens, pollens, and unwanted odors.

The filter indicator light doesn’t necessarily mean that you should replace the filter. It also acts as a reminder to make sure the air filter is in good working condition.

Also, it is important to note that the frequency of replacing your air filter depends on several factors. For the pollution level of your area, the type of model you use, how often you run your device, and at what speed you use your air purifier determine how often you should replace your filter.

What will happen if you ignore the “Check Filter” Indicator on your Levoit Air Purifier?

The “check filter” indicator is an important maintenance feature that lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced. This allows the device to work efficiently to eliminate airborne pollutants. If you ignore the filter indicator and do not replace the filter, you’ll face the following issues:

  • Decrease in your device’s air purification efficiency
  • Poor indoor air quality due to increased allergens, dust, and other airborne contaminants
  • Increased bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air can lead to respiratory infections
  • More pet dander and pet hair in the air
  • Damage to your heating and cooling system


Levoit air purifiers are great at improving indoor air quality by eliminating harmful pollutants from the air. These air purifiers come with an indicator light that alerts you when it is time for a new filter. You can replace the old air filter and reset the filter indicator light by pressing and holding the reset button for about three seconds. This way, the device will refresh its monitoring process and notify you when it is time for filter replacement.

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